Glass Shower Doors


Recently, the customized glass shower doors have become more popular, and their demand is increasing since most people are looking for smart and compact shower cubicles in their luxurious homes. Privacy and comfort are one of the key things that these glass shower doors provide in every little space that an individual has in the house. These glass shower doors come in different styles that include foldable or sliding doors that are now more popular than the normal curtains which used to offer less privacy.

Materials that are used for making the glass shower doors include the aluminum and plexiglass with some made of plastic. For the glass shower doors at that are made of plastic and aluminum, they are usually cheaper since the materials are readily available. The aluminum and plastic doors come with some advantages which include being durable as well as water resistance. These advantages and characteristics make the aluminum and plastic shower doors the perfect doors for the shower cubicles. Another advantage is that they cannot undergo the weathering or corrosion processes.

When it comes to plexiglass, they are smart as they have been polished to attract the users. These plexiglass shower doors have a rich and a polished look making the shower stalls to have a polished look. The plexiglass also proves to be more effective and durable just like the aluminum and plastic doors. The plexiglass shower doors are also known as smart-glass since they can change their transmission especially when current is passed through it. This makes the smart-glass to change from opaque to transparent or from opaque to translucent as well as the vice-versa. These happen just by pressing a button. Some individuals may think that the glass shower doors are vulnerable to breakage, but this is from the norm since the doors are made from safety glass that is more durable and has a high resistance to breakage. Also, the glass shower doors are easy to clean, and they require less effort for the same. These doors also come in a frosted glass, which allows some fair amount of light to pass through and clear glass. Some companies that make the glass shower doors combined the frosted and the clear glass where the clear glass only takes like a quarter of the upper part of the door. These to allow some light to get into the shower cubicle and allow the person in the shower to have a clear view of the other side.

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